Self-love is the foundation to start practicing self-care. When you value your own self and you are putting your own wellbeing as a key priority, you are taking a great first step towards practicing self-care.

Often time we hear the curtesy words from friends and relatives “Look after yourself” when saying good bye. Although this seems very naive, it is actually a phrase that people would say to each other in the old days because looking after yourself was something very important in our traditional societies. In our modern world, this became almost meaningless.

Taking care of yourself and prioritising your own wellbeing and health not only will make you feel good but the benefits will transfer to your partner, relatives, friends, colleagues and community. For example, if you are in a state of exhaustion because you have been working hard, long hours and attending many responsibilities and obligations without taking a moment for yourself; chances are that you will be grumpy and lack patience every time you get asked to do something when you just don’t have the energy. We don’t want to turn into the grumpy smurf character or Misses and Misters angry characters all the time do we?!?

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Practicing self-care is something that needs to form part of your daily life as one of the human basic needs. You need to have it. It is basic. It is vital. This can be anything, any activity, any occupation that you like to do without being rushed. Something that you enjoy doing and recharges your batteries. 

3 tips for practicing self-care:

  1. Learn to set boundaries: when you are tired and you don’t feel like going out for dinner with your friend, saying no to this invitation is the best decision you can make for yourself. You will use this time to rest because what you need at this time is rest rather than socialising. So learn to say no as an act of self-preservation. Careful though not to turn into a recluse!!
  2. Choose a practice that you enjoy: something that revives you, energises you, nourishes your mind body and soul. This can be as simple as doing a 15 minutes meditation early in the morning, reading a book, cooking your favourite meal, listening to your favourite song or simply getting a manicure at the beauty salon. You name it. 
  3. Block this time: Make the time in your calendar every week to free the time and remind yourself about it. When you recognise the benefits and joy this practice gives you, it becomes a ritual, a sacred time that you will be looking for as it becomes embedded in your day to day life. 

Your turn to put this into practice. Learn to say no when you don’t have the time or energy to attend a request. Find a self-care practice that you like, make the time for it in your calendar and stick to it for a a few weeks. See how you feel, how your energy and mood levels evolve. Are you feeling less cranky and in a better mood? 

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